Asset Classes

Workforce Housing

In today’s economic environment we see a considerable shift in the number of people delaying homeownership. The reasons are layered and complex, highly correlated to personal finances, student debt and enhanced credit standards. Now more than ever, would-be home buyers are remaining long-term renters, with current indicators pointing to an even greater exodus from suburban and rural areas to cities and urban centers in the years to come.  

Waverly Bay Capital’s business plan caters to workforce tenants, largely  due to the high demand for affordable housing and a significant lack of supply.

By executing on a value-add business plan, we establish long-term sustainable cash flow while improving each property’s appeal to future buyers.


Student Housing

Student housing remains one of Waverly Bay’s core competencies. Students at large universities create a captive demand for rental product in periods of both economic growth as well as slowdowns. 

Additionally, national university enrollment is projected to grow steadily for the next 10 years and students are seeking affordable alternatives to on-campus housing, therefore student housing investments offer a diversified portfolio and mitigate investor risk in economic cycles.

Waverly Bay Capital seeks to acquire value-add student housing properties at underserved universities.


As a Miami-based firm, we specifically look for assets in the Southeastern United States within close proximity to employment hubs and communal hotspots that provide easy access to transportation and major highways. The properties typically include a value-add strategy to be implemented post-acquisition. Such investments can enhance cash flow and generate outsized returns.
Southeastern United States

Target Investment Returns

Value-Add Program

Value Add
Target Equity IRR 15%+
Target Cash-on-Cash Returns Average: 8%+
Typical Property Characteristics
  • Vacancies and below market rents
  • Outdated and tired PP&E
  • Inefficient site plan
  • Select metropolitan areas
Typical Asset Plan
  • Implement major capital improvement program
  • Optimize rent roll lease expirations with target market
  • Refinancing upon stabilization
  • Hold long term to enjoy yield

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